American woman’s story about getting poisoned by another American woman

A guest post I received from an American woman who agrees with this blog and tells about her experience where one psycho American woman tried to poison her:


I would like to write the full story out, but I just want to check if you really read these. Ah, I can copy and paste a message I sent to the bitch’s husband.

Basically, I’m an American woman who has had problem with fat, disgusting, slutty, rude, delusional American bitches my whole life. It was so bad, I crossed the Pacific Ocean to live in Japan forever, because at least Asian women don’t hate my guts for no reason. How pathetic, that another race accepts me as I am, while my own race hates me simply for not participating in their shit show.

I was supposed to go to university in Germany, but I had to go back to the US for complicated reasons. My best friend from high school said I could stay in the spare room at her house as long as I clean and cook for them. It was in a kind of country ghetto spot with a lot of niglets who were always in the house playing Xbox. The kids were fine, they’re just kids, but she did NOT discipline them, the house was a wreck, and her cooking sucks.

After two weeks of me being there, the house is spotless, everyone loves my cooking, and the neighborhood niglets are literally BEGGING to do chores because I set up a reward/punishment system. They were all like “yessir, yes ma’am”. It was great. And I was, at the time, translating a book from Japanese into English, full-time.

This bitch could not be a house-wife, but she had a FAILING wedding planning business that costed them both money and time. So naturally, she hated my guts because I proved to her husband how shitty and dysfunctional his wife is. They ended up getting divorced (many months after I left)

Anyway, she got so jealous, she poisoned my food with her ADHD meds!!! I was only 89 lbs by the time I figured it out and ran to safety.

Here’s the email I sent her poor husband (who recently found a cute latina girl who seems fine).

Hello, XXX
This is Sarah (Amelia’s old friend). I deleted my Facebook account a while back, but I use this fake account for convenience sometimes.
How have you been?
I was wondering how Amie explained to you why I left the house and never came back.
Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, but your wife had been poisoning my food and drinks with her ADHD medication. Remember how I suddenly got really skinny and started acting like a crack addict right before I left? Remember when I had to sleep in your bed that one night because I was paranoid? Paranoid delusions and loss of appetite are clear symptoms of amphetamine overdose. Yep, your wife was poisoning me. And I’m pretty sure it was because of that one time you saw me undressing before I went into the shower.

[Explanation: this is also the bitches fault. The other shower was out of order, so I had to use the one in the master bedroom, which didn’t have a door. I told that bitch of a wife before I went to take a shower, and when I was undressing, I heard her husband come home. I was certain that she would TELL him that I was in the shower, but, being a stupid bitch, she didn’t]


I guess she got jealous, but both you and I know that it’s completely bullshit. She knew I was going into the shower, and she should have told you before you went into the bedroom. But she didn’t. Then she got jealous and poisoned my soy milk and all the other weird Asian food that only I eat.

Your wife has a lot of problems. I really still can’t believe she did that to me. I almost died. And I almost got raped by that black dude, your neighbor, when I asked him to help me escape.
When you can’t sleep or eat for 3 or 4 days, you start thinking the craziest shit. That was literally the scariest experience of my life. I woke up screaming for weeks after that. But I was able to sleep and regain my lost weight immediately after leaving the house. I only weighed 89 lbs. I was having crazy delusions about the apocalypse, like I had to sacrifice Michelle [their dog] to appease the Gods and stop the apocalypse, and shit like that. Then I’d have a moment of clarity and think that I should probably kill myself before I hurt anyone.
Your wife literally almost murdered me.

What made me realize what was going on is, on the last day, I went crying to Amie, “I just want to sleep!!” And she said, “I have something for you,” and handed me some melatonin tablets. It was at that very moment when I swallowed the melatonin pills that I realized she had been poisoning me with her ADHD medication. So I puked the pills out and waited until nighttime for you to come home so that I could get my money out of the safe and get the fuck out of there.

I told the black dude to take me to the sushi place, because I had a feeling the Asians would help me. I’m good with Asians lol. But he took me to a motel instead and whipped his dick out. (No, we didn’t fuck.) But he could have easily raped me and it was really awkward.

The next morning I went to the sushi place and convinced the guy working there to help me out. I waited at the Dunkin’ Donuts and I could see you fuckers looking for me in your pickup truck. You know how it feels to see the bitch who tried to murder you actively stalking you in a parking lot? That shit was scary.

When I got to my Asian friend’s apartment, I got an email from Amie: “Why did you leave without telling me?? I thought we were friends!” I replied, “I know what you did.” And she said simply, “Pick up your stuff in two days or I’m throwing it all on the curb.”

Anyway, I’m 100% sure she was poisoning me, because all of the aforementioned symptoms went away within a few days after staying at my friend’s house. Except I would wake up screaming and my friend told me that I would say, “Fuck you!” and “Leave me alone!” in my sleep.

I don’t know if you will believe me, and it doesn’t really matter. But I do still kind of care about Amie, even though she’s a fucking bitch for doing that. So I wanted to tell you so that you can talk her into seeing a psychologist or something. She obviously has problems… There really is no excuse to try to murder someone like that. Even if she didn’t intend on me dying, I was very close to killing myself or hurting someone else. It’s completely unacceptable behavior.

Sorry for the sudden message. I hope you’re doing well. Please talk to Amie about this. Or divorce her, whatever lol. But I’m sure if you go see a psychologist, if he has any skills, he’ll be able to tell that she’s lying and she really was poisoning me.

I’m really sorry to tell you this, but I feel like you have to know. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but I wanted to make sure I was waaaay far away from Apex so that she didn’t come for revenge. The bitch is nuts.

Good luck with life…

[Note: they had already divorced by the time I sent this email. And I’m very happy for him, because he was a good, loyal husband who sacrificed everything for that bitch, for what? She didn’t even have basic housewife skills!!! And she emotionally abused him.]