American women are like cheap, used cars

Think about this. Compare women to cars for a minute. Foreign women would be like Ferraris that are being sold at a massive discount price, whereas American and western women are like shitty Ford sedans that are being sold at a massively overpriced value. Obviously, which would you choose? The Ferrari. Well, this is why American women hate competition, because deep down inside most American women know that they are like used cars, total garbage. Check out the pic of the chick in this article. You could get a HOT fucking Arab chick like that who will be loyal to you and has a smoking hot body. Meanwhile in America, even a fat ugly woman thinks she deserves a Brad Pitt. Foreign women are humble and are simply looking for a good man. They aren’t looking for a Tom Cruise or a Brad Pitt or a billionaire. So American women are insanely delusional if they think American men would choose them.

If American women want men to start marrying them again, they can learn how to act feminine and sweet again and stop acting like a fucking bitch and using the divorce court system to destroy men’s lives. Until then, foreign women are the only real option for any man with standards.