Another American woman agrees with my blog

Got another email from an American woman who agreed with my blog. Here it is:


I went down the rabbit hole in Voat and found your blog.

At first I was hesitant to read it, asking myself do I want to see posts that call women bitches and advocate for boycotting them? At first no, but what would I think if it were a boycottbros website full of man bashing? I wouldn’t read it, but that kind of thing is unfortunately pretty normal.

The first time I moved away from America at 18 was the first time I was able to make genuine female friends that weren’t constant effort to be around. I used to think it was me, but I’m starting to realize that a lot of American women have traits that are very offputting. I’m one of those people that likes to pick up the check when I’m out dining or drinking with friends, and almost every woman I’ve spent time with socially offers zero resistance to this. It’s like they expect to be catered to all the time, even with other women?

They’re always talking about the most mundane things like their sisters baby that you’ve never met, or their experience shopping or some shit. Even the educated ones will usually direct their conversation to only some emotionally charged topic, with no analysis or thought-provoking aspect. Like “OMG everyone who’s not saving the apex predators are capitalist piece of shit” Or “the only answer is more women of color in higher education!”
Before I met my husband I threw myself into online dating with a brute force approach. I figured my guy was out there, and the best way to find him was to go on as many dates as I could.

I live in the Bay Area where luckily for us there are tons of well-educated, young men with good jobs. My dating experiences were overwhelmingly positive. I found guys to be almost always respectful when messaging, and on those first coffee dates -polite, generous, and accommodating. Though of course I didn’t hit it off with everyone, it was never worse than having to endure a few boorish personality traits for an hour.

After I met my husband I’d ask him about his experiences with dating, and often the women he had met would try and take advantage of him or had zero self awareness.

One woman he expected to have a casual first drink with had already ordered two drinks and a full dinner for herself before he even arrived! And he was on time. Of course she expected him to pay.

Another woman spent most of the evening talking about her friend who died from suicide two years ago, and how it’s still affecting her.

Not to mention that most women did not dress attractively, or had weird hair, body piercings, or tattoos..


I took some trade classes recently, and a few of my sweet, fit, self employed male classmates were talking about how common it is for women to tell them they’d be better looking if they were only a few inches taller. I just said “yeah, most women are bitches” and left it at that. But how dare they!? I’m imagining the fallout if guys went around saying to women, “you’d look a lot better if you just lost a few pounds”

Anyway, sorry about the rant, but as a woman I understand your frustration.