Emily Houser is a LYING B****!!!!

Long story short, some 16 year old waitress waited 2 years until she filed a complain where she claimed she was harassed by her manager, at the Chili’s restaurant. I took a look at her story and immediately I said “This bitch is LYING!” Full story here:

Chili’s Manager Fired After Giving ‘Shaming’ Cake to Employee Who Accused Him of Sexual Harassment

Okay, so she claimed her manager was showing up at her house at 2AM. And where were Emily’s parents during all this? The vast majority of parents would beat the shit out of a guy if he showed up at 2AM at their house.

Another point is the fact that the manager was never actually fired from Chili’s, after Chili’s did an investigation into the so called “sexual harassment”. All they did was transfer him to a different restaurant. You can be sure that if he had actually been caught harassing her, that if Emily’s story was true, they would have fired him immediately.

Another point is that most of the manager’s friends DO NOT BELIEVE Emily’s story. Hence they threw a “Fuck Emily Houser” party.

Another point is, why did she wait 2 FUCKING YEARS before making a complaint?

This is so typical and common in America. A woman gets fired from her job, so to take revenge she create a false case against him and claims her ex-boss “raped” her or “harassed” her.

This is just more reason why we should stop hiring women. Women make horrible employees and the fact that you cannot fire a woman without getting sued for “sexual discrimination” or facing a false rape case is just more proof of that.

If you’re a man, there is a way around the legal loopholes. Sure, if you hire only men, you will get sued for “discrimination” because you didn’t hire any women. The way around this is to claim your employees are Independent Contractors and thus a lot of the federal laws don’t apply to them. So if you’re a man, you can get away with hiring only men, as long as you mark them as “Independent Contractors”.

This is how we men can become free from women’s worthless bullshit. Women are like parasites on a business. They barely do any real work and just sit on their ass wasting time on Facebook all day. If you had a MALE-only business, it would be 500% more efficient than if you had women working too.