Feminists trying to destroy video games

Why are feminists so much against video games? Is it because it’s one of the last things that men enjoy that are still legal? I mean think about it. The first thing women did when they got the right to vote was to vote to make prostitution, gambling, drugs, opium, marijuana, and alcohol illegal.

Video games have been progressing getting worse and this is because of feminists who are trying to demand that video games should cater to women and not just to men, which is fine but they are causing the quality of the games to turn to crap.

Men finally got sick of this crap and launched GamerGate a couple years back and this was the first mass rejection of feminism by a huge number of men. This scared the crap out of feminists but they are still trying to screw up video games with their idiotic feminism.

Look, if you’re too dumb to play video games, then just leave us alone. Go play Candy Crush or whatever. Stop demanding that good video games should be watered down to suit your stupid feminist demands.