Fuck Yankee Hoes!

A guest post:

I am first generation Russian immigrant living in San Francisco, came to states in 2000 and I immediately noticed how much of a player with a tightest game you got to have to date american chicks. Back then in high school, I didn’t have car, money, barely spoke English so I was not accepted to none of the groups in my very clicky high school. I basically hung out with other immigrants like myself. But growing up in Russia, I got accustomed to pretty much only be attracted to girls with European features. Since I was the only European immigrant, and the rest were from various third world countries (don’t mean to sound arrogant). I was not attracted to girls from none of those countries, but most of them were dying to go out with me. So since the only girls with European features were American, they did not even gave me a time of day as I didn’t have any social status, was not part of any clique, didn’t have a car! etc. Eventually I got hooked up with American girl when I learned to speak English somewhat but after dating her for a little and going through shitload of drama we broke up and I joined US Air Force. I was involved with few American chicks as I started to learn “the game” and did not have problem attracting and hooking up with them for the most part but that was about it, few dates and new rotation comes again and again. I even fell in love with one American chick who was emotionally unavailable, got hung up on drugs and had all kind of issues, she even mentioned honestly that she did not believe in monogamy but she felt somehow different with me (stupid me fell on this typical murican lead you on trick, thinking I would change her and make her my sole girlfriend). Then I met this super cute, Russian girl through my friends that just came back from Russia. She was absolutely amazing, petite, pretty and even though I didn’t have money or shit and drove beat up honda civic plus she had rich parents, she liked me for who I am as a guy with all my stupid quirks. it was like a night and a day. But stupid me, for the first half a year of our dating, I was still emotionally hung up on that druggatic american chick who gave two fucks about me. I can’t believe how stupid I was. That laid a foundation of mistrust with that sweet Russian girl, and even though she loved and cared for me, she got paranoid and constantly were checking up on me, going through my phone and caused drama out of jealousy as I broke her trust few times trying to get back with that druggie. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and broke things off with her as it was way to much drama from her end, but I could tell she truly loved me.

After her I got to know another Russian girl who was still foreign at heart, but she grew up pretty much here which made here attitude 70% of American chick. We dated for few years then got married as she still had distant remnants of the Russian soul in her but I just couldn’t be with someone who placed her carrier above else, trying to compete me with everything including her proving that she can do better than man, and the rest of that murican feminazi shit. so I broke things with her as well.

Moving fast forward, last September I got to know this cute 19 year old American Chick who were sweet as a candy, and seemed very affectionate (her mom is from Peru, so she is not entirely murican per se). We hooked up on the first date and everything was fairy tale first 5 months of dating, I tried to give her as much space as possible, not be available all the time, hide my emotions so not to appear needy/clingy, and the rest of that american gaming bullshit to make things work with her. Unfortunately she stoled my heart as I started to grow feelings to her, but on opposite just like every other murican chicks I dated her emotional availability were steadily declining as time passed (whether it went gradually up when I was dating Russian girls). I took her to vacation in Mexico on this year’s spring break where she spend majority of the time on here fucking phone secretly chatting with her other boyfirends or whoever the fuck she chatted with. When we went to a club there, she just started to humping her ass behind some dude (afterall we are not in relationship right? she is the strong independent woman!!!). Not to mention we havent had a sex single time when we there with her calling some bullshit about her not feeling well or her not being in a mood for it no matter how much I tried to make things blissful. Once I came back from vacation in Mexico with here I realized how much waste of the time, effort and money it was trying to make it special for her, while this princess told me that she was invited to go to a Florida to an Ultra Festival and I should be glad that her majesty decided to go with me instead to Mexico. I gave here 2 and a half month break (figuring it will reset things) and after sending innocent smile she responded “Hey Whats Up!” So I set up a date with her, and she even invited me over to her house to talk to her mom. I couldn’t believe it, and thought that my heart finally got what it deserved as I had feelings for this girl. I took her out for date, and kissed her on the lips, which made her smile.

But something was still off, I could sense it. Apparently she was got with her ex on that 2 and a half month break and while we were on a date she said that her ex was trying to meet her by her house while claiming that it freaked her out and she was scared. I told her not to worry and we can get through this together, assuming that whatever she was saying is true. I offered to drive to her house and walk her home, but instead she insisted that its better to drop her off a block a way so she can run to her house (was she worried that someone might see me with her? wtf??). Couple days later we went to a Pride festival in SF, we picked her female friend up like she asked and first two hours she basically almost ignored me and everytime I would try to dance with her she would keep moving away. Then I went to a bathroom and couldn’t find them nowhere after coming back, after texting her few times and telling where I would wait for them she played fool like didn’t understand and later said her phone was broke, and she didnt want her friend to feel like a 3rd wheel so she didn’t want to be next to me, hmm okay. So on our 3rd date following that 2 1/2 break, Last Saturday, I picked her up, we went to a county fair where we had a lot of fun, rode different rides but everytime I would try to kiss her she would innocently turn away giving me her cheek Later I took her to my house to spend a night because we were going to go to ride boats with my friends on a lake on Sunday. I thought this would be an ultimate chance to regain our intimacy but she kept herself glued to her phone while purposely turned away from me probably chatting with her other 5 boyfriends or the ex she claimed that was stalking her. She shut her legs tight together as I tried to remove her leggings gently few times, even though she didn’t seemed to mind trying to, she purposely turned away and even said “what are you doing”? (I thought things were good again wtf?)

After going to the lake with my friends she soon realized that she was not a center of attention like she always is in every company and started to look really bored, thank god there was no service at the lake as she desperately was trying to submerge in her phone. Every other couple on that boat were flirting with each other and exchanged few acts of affection while mine was stone cold, putting on fake smile while I tried to hug her and of course kept turning cheek to every kiss I tried. Eventually I gave up and started ignoring here. Few hours into the ride she said that she was really sick, to which I replied we are going back soon, but she wanted us to leave right away. Well excuse her majesty, there were 15 other people on the boat who were not ready to leave yet and I was not going to ruin a day of fun especially after paying $200 for both of us to ride on that boat. Boy by the time we got back to a dock she was super pissed and didn’t even look at me. When we got to a car, she wrapped herself in beach towel with a head inside while got glued to her main boyfriend as soon as we got service- Mr. Iphone. When I asked her whats wrong she yelled at me for me being selfish, not caring about her as she was really sick and saying that she felt like she was dying. I sincerely apologized to her as I didnt realized how serious sick she was, she kept calling bullshit on me saying that she can never trust me again. After trying to yet saying sorry few more times, trying to calm her down she just turned into complete disgusting bitch while I remained completely calm. She said if she forgives me which is going to be almost impossible, I would have to buy her some super expensive gift. Once she left my car, she slammed my door hard and walked away with a grin like she ate 3 pounds of dog shit.

This is the last time ever I will emotionally entangled with murican chicks!
From now one, they are nothing more for me than a meat to get my dick wet once in a while, but having any kind of affair with them, FUCK NO!!

Sorry for my long brag, but here it is.
I love your blog and it made me feel so much better about myself.
I really started to feel that something must be fucked up with me or am I really that selfish? But you opened my eyes to a reality.
Take care mate 🙂

God bless!