Guest Post: I f**king love Asian women!

(This piece is for boycottbitches).

I am not a MGTOW. I never was. However, I can relate to the entire scene. MGTOW is a special phenomena that is happening with the millinial generation. Why? Well, because men are sick and tired of femmnism, strange expectations, and overwhelming standards. A normal man can’t become Roosh V or be a “gamer.” (in the sense he’s going to have sex with a lot of women). Men just want to be respected as indviduals are live up to postive and healthy masculine beavavhior. This does not mean lifting weights, liking sports, or acting like a dose. In no way am I saying that men should adpat femmnism and create “mennism.” I am not a mennist or Men’s Right Activist. But again, I sympathize with every white male that is downtrodden by our dysfuctional system which we call “the free world.”

…So what is the answer for disenfranchsied and sexually frustrated men? Should they “man up” and become like Roosh V? Should they take “the iron pill” and become Alt-Right? Should they get a career working 60 hour a week selling indirect sales of windows and learn the responsiblities of “the real world?” All these are apart of the problem and not the answer. Back then, Western men were assigned marriage at a young age. I am talking about the history of white Americans and their legacy they created. Unfortunately, white women have became the enemy of the world. They are impossible to apporach or become friends with. Either the white man must adapt to these changes or gives up enitrley. This is why MGTOW is a thing. Our current culture and genraation is dysufcutional to a point of no return.

…So where do we go? Nationalism has been on the rise in America. But what if your a pretty normal guy and don’t care about politics? What if your really just want to live the destiny you envision and stick by it? Again, white women (“girls,” I should say) are not the answer. I have previously talked about The Other White Girl (see article) and on the topic of WEeb Nationalism. There is forgiveness for the nature of white women. It’s not their fault. They are only imitating the beahvior of corrupt white men who don’t fit in with the masses. I can trust the white nationalist and the relegious to change the perspective of white women back to their healthy nature of being good mothers and kind life partners.

I think I should share a story about how I came to the truth about the disgusting nature of white women, and the redeeming facotr of women outside our own “diverse” and free market society.

…I first fell in love at the age of 14. Some chinese kid told me some girl named Erica liked me and wanted to talk to me on AOL (considered vaporwave aesthics now). I liked talking to her on the computer. She was very kind and sweet. Back then, instead of Skype, we used actual computer pics to talk to one another. I slowly started to realize that this girl was making fun. In fact, she would tease me about what kind of person I was. …I remember saying something stupid, and she teased me about having a small dick. At that age of 14, telling a guy that his “dick is small,” is an insult. I remember crying about it (really). To my naiviety, she would want her other “girlfriends,” come in the same chatroom and talk to me. Not because it was sincere, but because they were making fun of me. You see, I was also a Flash cartoonist, a regular Newgrounds user, electronic muscian, and fine art ppainter at such a young age. I lived a very pampered and upper-middle class life. I was ignorant that other people would make fun of me because of my eccentric behavior. I THOUGHT I was normal! Of course you don’t do that kind of things around “normies.” (what the internet world likes to call these people). And I clearly remember her favorite bands too: Simple Plan and Good Charrolle. Erica even talked about how cute the singers were. …Emo music was total trash in the 00s. A complete white-person genre. I prefered to listen to Mr. Scruff, Daft Punk, and Underworld and such a young age, thank you.

It got worse when she would tease me about “what kind of porn would I like,” and “what do you usually do.” She and her friends would tease upon the subjects I would mess up with. I was bullied.

I remember trying to make other friends in my middle school though AOL. I remember an Asian girl by the name of Laura I was friends with. When I tried to tell her that “my dick is small and I am mad at it,” I think she ignored me and never talked to me again. Ironically, this girl was an whitewashed Asian girl. Her favorite bands were HIM and Panic at the Disco! (see the corrleation with 00’s emo bands and white people?) Laura would become “the schools most talented artist” along with some other crust punk kid I hate to this day (let’s say he joined the AntiFa). I could trust no one in middle school. For the first time in my life, I felt like I wanted to kill myself, and that there was no destiny in my life. Anytime a stranger or a girl wanted to make friends with me, I had a spark of interest. I felt “good” for a bit.

It was when I was 15 I rediscovered myself. I didn’t need “normie” kids, and soon I was hanging out at drum and bass (21 and up, I cheated) and met interesting avant-garde artist, like Tim Biskup. My little mind started to relaize that there was a whole “normaitve” society that fitted my own desires. I bleive that if I assicated with “Those” people, I could be truly free.

I was force to join school sports at a young age too. I learned about the annoying hierachy white people play with each other, and the reelaziations everyone started to get a “girlfriend.” …I didn’t have one. Until a white girl choose me as one.

Her name was Daniel. She came from both a Jewish, Mexican, and white background. I don’t know why she liked me. I understand though that she hated her parents and was into pills. Her violent behavior and verablly abusive nature lead me to go agaisnt her. I could not understand what “love’ was or being “friends.” I still feel I was exploited in that realtionship.

Meanwhile, Erica told a rumor around the whole school I was a werido. I didn’t care about what other kids say. I got into fights with other kids and did what I wanted too.

However, it was in high school that I soon discovered race. Black people were everywhere. It was the first time I ever encountered someone who was black. At first encounter, I tried to consider them as “white.” Later did I realize, after getting into fights with them, they were different. I use to wish, “why don’t they stop their bad behavior and become good people?” Really, I was saying that they should become “white” than act black (that itself is consider to be “racist.”)

I can go on about both my middle and high school experiences, but it was when I was 20 years old did I discover a relegation in my life.

…If you don’t know me by now, I consider myself an “Asian-Aryan” for good reasons. I have mentioned before that I came across bad Asian girls, like Laura, and some other Asian girls that i won’t mention in middle and high. …I really did not care for the people at first and saw them as robotic, aloof, and sinister. I felt they would ignore for some reasons (I bleive the chinese were. I was already an eccentric avant-garde person that could tell you my faovrite porn actresses and how I met them in at art gallries).

According to Angry MGTOW, ALL women are bad. Even Asians. At one point in my life, I thought I was disliked for some reasons because of my background, and girls wouldn’t give me a chance. I was like Elliot Rogers (and still am). I dating many white girls when I was 18 and 19… even getting several blowjobs by then. I liked the Larry Clark/Harmony Korine/West Coast skater punk life I was living. But I felt disugsted with myself. I had no future direction in my life.

The reality was, I had a verbally abusive dad, a over-protective and helicopter mom, zero friends, and I was in a violent enivorment. I boxed for a bit and hanged with the wrong type of people.

…But when I was 20 years, did a angel appear on my own misery. I was living alone and going to “board game” night on my own. I met a Chinese-American girl who remembered me in elementary and middle school. She was so happy to see me. At first, I did not know what to say. I thoguht she was some quirky friend who hanged around the board game shop. It dawned upon me that I did remember he too. She actually had a crush on me and she said she use to look up to me. I was surprised by such devotion. She also told me Laura and Nikki (other preppy) Asian girl had crushes on me too because I was into strange music and biked myself to school (manley hipster points). I was surprised to even hear that. And I thoguh these girls hated me.

This girl, (I will call her “Sarah,”) liked me too. We soon started dating after that and did really nice things. For the first time, I went on a date to the movies, to a resturant, going to church, walks in the park, road trips to the beach, and everything a happy fairy tale life you can desire. As well did we also made out and she gave me a warm handjob (it was the best thing ever).

I felt meaning in my life. …But at such a young age… I was naive of her own background. She often made broken promises. On my 21st birthday, on a rainy day, she said she would come, and she did not. I cried that day and told my parents I loved somebody (I am still am the romantic).

After my first year of college, and then on my 22nd birthday going to college in Japan, did me and Sarah unite again. I had the best day of my life on my 22nd. There is too much to say what has happened in a single day.

Like all early realtionships, me and Sarah never lasted. With her corrupt sense of mind, she was cheating on me. I was upset and her. As revenge, I started to cheat on her too. I started to choose and date other Asian girls Sarah introduce me too. The first time I had sex was with this amazing Chinese girl who said I looked like “a nerdy james dean.” I am still trying to chase this girl. I have dreams being with her… yet she is hard to woo over.

Also, I even got to kiss Nikki when we met again. I think I still have a chance with her. …I didn’t “game” her. All I had to do was be myself and confident around her. Nikki is looking for some guy to be with (and it could be me!)

It was the last few months, did I become “yellow-pilled” and started my writing and career based upon Asian-Aryanism. My hero, Tim Biskup (not to single him out) and some other assicates, has beautiful and caring Asian wifves (even though he divorce her, they have a beautful Eurasian child). I always was an Asian-Aryan, irattionally at the age of 18, when I relaized that the Asian girls were caring and concerned. I thought everything was a whitewashed world, but until I realized there was a culture and tradition behind the beauty of Asian women, did I realize I had a personality and culture that belonged with them.

I am a radical artist. I would like to disclose some of my future and personal acitivty. I will say that they day I started advocating Asian-Aryanism was the day I became best friends with a nice white male rolemodel and his Asian girlfriend. I was walking his same shoes.

I feel that what I am doing is important. It is the soultion for all of MGTOWS problem. Realize, that you are not an ugly person or that the world is bad. You are victim of the liberal system and the far-left paradigm that rules over white culture.

As a white person (and angry white girl) you have to break out of the poetically-correct and whitewashed/liberal paradigm of race denying and boeugrgoie behavior. I suggest Whites and Asians should get to together and create a union together. It saved my life.

…And as a final note, the day did I realize I wasn’t alone, is when Sarah told me she lived through the same shit MGTOW lived through. She had the same parents, the same shit school, the same existence in a violent enviorment… For the first time, I felt I was hearing the voice of god. I loved hearing another girl tell me that “I wasn’t alone.” That… “I should tell her my pain and suffering. I shouldn’t be runnign away from it.”

…I am not running away from my pain anymore.

…I fucking love Asian women. I don’t care what anyone says. They make good wife and moms. I feel like my life is finally starting to bloom after the age of 14. 🙂