Racist Child Abuser Shree Chauhan attacked Sean Spicer

An absolutely UGLY indian feminist woman named Shree Chauhan attacked Sean Spicer yesterday while he was out shopping. His response to her psychotic feminist rants is classic. See the full article here:


Here is her Twitter account and her YouTube channel, so please feel free to message her and tell her what you think of her ugly feminist ass! Post a comment on her youtube video.

Shree Chauhan’s Twitter account: https://twitter.com/shreec

Here is her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6iNLC-DjAM

Here is a racist tweet she posted about white people. So according to her it’s okay to be racist towards white people? Liberal hypocrite. She needs to GET THE FUCK OUT OF AMERICA AND GO BACK TO SHITHOLE INDIA! She is such an ungrateful bitch. At least in America men don’t throw acid at her face like they do in India.

Here’s another pic of herself. What an ugly person. Why are feminists always such ugly people?

Anyway as it turns out, she is an extremely racist person who hates white people. My question then, why don’t you go live in India if you hate white people so much? At least white men won’t throw acid in your face or rape you, like many indian men would. Here is an article showing her racist beliefs:

Crazy Woman Shouts At Sean Spicer About ‘Fascist Trump’ In Apple Store

Now the worst part is that she is working with school children. Yes, she is brainwashing innocent young kids with her racist, Indian-supremacist views. Shree Chauhan should be in jail. Call her employers and demand they fire this racist bigot. Her employer’s phone numbers are below:

(202) 898-1604
(407) 366-5699

And you can also email her employers and demand they fire her. She must be stopped so that she no longer can brainwash young children with her hatred. Here are the emails:


This evil woman is a threat to society and is a child abuser.