Man talks about his ex-American girlfriend

A guy sent this in to me:

There’s so much to tell but I’ll give you a brief synopsis of my stay in relationship hell. My ex-gf was such a humongous cunt, that I’m still haunted by her to this day, more than six years later. Things started out great, until she revealed the controlling Cunt-a-saurus that she is. Every day was a fight, usually over the smallest things. The relationship turned physically abusive. Of course I had to stand my ground and take it because any retaliation would have made me “worse than Hitler” in the eyes of the people that knew us. I endured this abuse for the better part of two years. Finally, I decided I had enough and left her fat, frumpy ass like a thief in the night. A “big mistake” in her opinion actually was the greatest decision I ever made. Even though I still suffer from occasional night terrors because of this bitch, I’m relieved to know that I don’t have to share a bed with her anymore. Last I heard she is “happily with” a veteran of the armed forces. I guess he didn’t suffer enough PTSD from his time in the service. No worries, my ex will remedy that real quick.