Steve Voices His Complaints About American Women

Steve wrote to me the following:

Just want to know how many men, think American women are spoiled and Un-gratefull of American men???I know “not ALL” women are like this, but I feel because of the American Media women are seduced by this monster and behave in selfish ways these days.I also blame Feminism, do I think women should make as much as a man if she’s doing the same job?? Yes I most certainly do.Do I think Women are above men and should treat them rudley just because they have a hot @ss NO I most certainly do not. i think american women are the most gullible esp young women and they have been fed such bull and think they are so special when they realy ain’t standing on a damn thing. im a man but i agree with you totally..i was born in uk .and lived in the states for 8 years..i am amazed how self centered alot of american women are and selfish and money hungry…not all of course..but many of them are