Story about an American woman and her beta male nice guy boyfriend

Someone emailed me this story, so here it is:

Great work on the blog! I know how thankless of a job it can be the first couple of years so let me say thanks. Anyway, the names have been changed to protect the victim.

Matt is a self-described pushover. He smokes a lot of pot and has never thrown a punch. Nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Unfortunately because he’s so nice, he’s never really slayed the pussy, which is underscored by the fact that he is also a regional champion guitarist. The few times we’ve talked about sex, I made fun of him for being to sensitive and respectful. Despite his mostly traditional values, he’s a beta kind of guy.

Several years ago he met a girl. An 18 year old virgin who had not experienced love yet. She was your typical vapid feminist. This girl wasn’t special in any way…except she seemed to prefer Matt to other, more intimidating, alpha guys. For him and his and lack of sex this was perfect! He quickly learned to tune out her feminist bullshit because he figured this was the best he could do. He figured that all men essentially trade headaches for sex, so how was this any different? They fucked until they began dating and dated until they got engaged. He caved to her demands they get married (because she threatened to leave him if he didn’t) but set the date 3 years in advance. He’s somewhat redpilled, so he knew the chances of him finding a young virginal bride if they didn’t get married were pretty much zero, even for alpha guys, once they enter their late 20s.

Time went on and 6 months before the wedding, after he bought the dress and reserved the location, she cheated on him. With a violent heroin junkie no less. She immediately left him and they didn’t speak again. I tried to suggest ways to get back at her, but he demanded to take the high road. Even when we were cleaning her crap out of his house he refused to so much as throw out her stuff. Naturally I tried to remind him how big a bullet he just dodged. It took a bit of time, but over the past few weeks he’s finally started to agree. He just got into a doctorate program at his top choice last week and he was on top of the world. You can probably see where this is going.

Last weekend a friend called up Matt to inform him he had just spoken to a detective who was investigating a rape allegation. From an “incident” over 2 years ago. After she cheated on him, after he was nice to her, after both parties should have been over it, she feels the need to destroy his life with a rape allegation. Matt. The original “Mr. Nice Guy”. He’s losing sleep. He’s not getting his work done on time. He’s drinking too much. I wish I could help him or somehow torment the bitch, but his lawyers told him that there’s absolutely no action he could take that wouldn’t ultimately hurt him. It’s like he’s in a waking nightmare. At this point we’re not sure what’s going to happen. There’s a decent chance this will ruin his pretty awesome looking life as a university level guitar teacher.

So the next time someone tries to claim we don’t live in a gynocracy, remember Matt.