The Hypocrisy of white women (and gay liberal men)

According to the 50% of white women who voted for Hillary, you’re a racist neo-Nazi if you are a white man. Of course homosexual white men are exempted from this. This is how badly brainwashed liberal white women have become. They literally hate straight white men. Straight white men are now literally neo-Nazis who should be exterminated according to these fascist feminist scums. If these bitches had their way, they would chop off the genitals of every straight white male and then put a bullet thru our shitlord Nazi heads.

If you’re a white American man? You have 2 choices.

  1. Become a fucking faggot and stick your penis up other men’s assholes
  2. Go to a non-western country and meet nice non-feminist women

To all these scumbag feminist liberal white women? Get the fuck out of America and go move to North Korea since you don’t believe in freedom of speech. 50% of white women are fascist scum that literally wants to holocaust white men. Only an insane man would want to be with such dykes.

True men want real women and there are very few real women left in America unless you go to the small town flyover American rural areas. Fortunately you can still find real women in East Europe, Russia, Asia, South America, Africa, etc.