Tony: American Women have an Extreme Entitlement Complex

From Tony in Washington:

So true, american woman have an extreme entitlement attitude, and are to high maintenance. This attitude the op spoke about is in many American women. However I can’t disagree that many American men are pussies.

American women have fought for their supposed “equality” an have shoved us men in a legal corner. Men simply holding a woman back from attacking him will be placed in jail for assault. Women are attacking men on television and it is seen as comedy. When men attack women on television it is often portrayed as the man is unstable and evil.
Men in modern media are often portrayed as stupid, lazy and all but useless. Though these men are often the fathers and husbands, the hero is often seen as pure masculine and a go getter. (think suburban commando or the duality of characteristics in true lies)

Women are often portrayed as the strong, smart and often only active member in a relationship striving to maintain a family and work life. And this fantasy is often seen as a reality as men who try to take charge are often seen as an oppressive beast. Women for the most part will hit men with impunity for almost any emotional change. ( happy, sad, angry, worried,stressed etc) These hits the male must endure are not looked at legally as assault, but instead people often wonder what the man did wrong.

The chemicals found in many food containers often boost estrogen( bisphenol A). This added increase in estrogen in the male diet will of course feminize the male and cause a decrease in male hormone which have been dropping precipitously for quite some time.

So this minor rather incomplete list of the modern dichotomy shows that females instigated the modern problems, law makers have aided the feminist movement and males refused to act for some time.

However the MRA movement (mens rights activism) has been gaining some steam lately. However it has met some fierce resistance from the feminist movement as well as other groups.

Ok so now feminists and manginas tell me about my small penis, my inability to get laid and all the other crap you spew out when MEN speak out against our own oppression.