Ungrateful, trashy, disgusting American female protesters

A WOMAN’s PLACE IS IN THE REVOLUTION! Yeah, right. Cause we all know Trump is a fascist who is eating dead fetuses while raping and grabbing women’s pussies, right? No but in all seriousness, what the FUCK are these dumb fucking bitches protesting against? Protesting against white men? White men created the world’s most advanced civilization, the very civilization that GAVE women rights and freedom (big mistake!). And 95% of inventions were created by WHITE men. These female protesters are literally parasites who did not contribute anything to modern civilization. All I can say is, if white men are so fucking oppressive, why don’t you ungrateful white bitches go live in fucking Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. I’m sure the men there will treat you better than white men would, right?

American women are fucking brainless and now they are going full selfish, parasite, communist mode. Once again? Since you hate white men and white civilization so much, why not go move to a 3rd world shithole? Because if a white woman moved to a 3rd world shithole, she would be raped 10 times a day by tiny dicked rapist brown men and kept locked in chains during the remainder of the day while she’s not being raped. White women are a bunch of spoiled, ungrateful children who do not fucking realize how good they have it!

University of Texas Students and other protesters march downtown on Congress Avenue stopping traffic on the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge following the Trump election on Wednesday, November 9, 2016.

All I can say to any man reading this? If you are walking at night and you see a white woman getting raped or robbed in a dark alley? DO NOT STOP AND HELP HER. After all, you wouldn’t want to “oppress” her by helping her, right? These bitches said they are independent and don’t need no help from a (white) man, so let these dumb cunts fend for themselves!

Oh yeah, and white men are so fucking oppressive, that brown women from countries where women REALLY ARE OPPRESSED like Muslim countries, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc, the women from those countries all want to marry white men. Because we white men are just so fucking oppressive, right?

In all seriousness, I think the real reason white women hate white men and love rapist brown men is because white women have been brainwashed by garbage like 50 Shades of Grey and they subconsciously WANT to be raped and oppressed. Otherwise, why would white women be going for brown rapist men from 3rd world shitholes?

500 years from now, if this is still on the internet and the internet or electricity (thanks white man) even exists? Let it be known that WHITE MEN created the most advanced technological civilization to ever exist and then UNGRATEFUL CHILDISH WHITE WOMEN DESTROYED that civilization. The ONLY hope we white men have of saving civilization is to BOYCOTT AMERICAN (White) WOMEN and continue our civilization with brown women who truly appreciate us. We whites MIGHT have a 15% chance of saving modern civilization, if we do that.