White Male and Asian Female, the best pairing

Guest post from PillEater:

Western woman, Eastern woman, what do we make of the two?

Something really interesting has happened in the past 60 years of American life. What was once a 95% white country in the 1950s with conservative values, has now turned to a 50% white country with decadent and suicidal values. Every white girl is a potential slut, and all the men either must role-play as an alpha, or be stuck as a “virign loser.”

This issue is causing a greater problem that will destroy the Western world, that is, the declining number white birthrates and the fall of civilization. White men must act like Roosh V, or they suffer a lonely life where their authenticate actions are not shunned. Acting authenticate, or acting like a “christian” is meaningless. Since everything has fallen under a decadent kind of hedonist nihilism, no one has the urge or motivation to become authenticate. Petty lies and “survival” is the only thing that works in this post-free market capitalist society.

However, there is good news.

The internet has given rise to a new group of intellect and young people that want to save and change the world. Authenticity is what we should be fighting for.

We could be talking about the alt-right, NRx, libertarianism, meme pages, creepy pastas, vaporware, or whatever new innovations on the internet. Young people are finding alternatives to life than normie society.

This blog, boycott bitches, is an example of that. In blunt words, most American men should boycott the unstable relationship of the American woman and find an alternative. And there is one.

Before I bring up the alternative, I first would like to address an issue that needs to be addressed. This issue is between the American males relationship between white women and Asian women.

It’s often said that “the standard of beauty” is “white.” And therefor, every American girl should try and emulate a white girl. The standards of the white girl is decadent. Consider that she is into going out to the bar on the weekends, having promiscuous sex like a porn star, drinking excessively and doing drugs, and judges someone based upon their looks. Soon, the other non-white girls start to act like this, right?

Some have. But a majority do not.

A lot of white men have been discovering a sense of an “Asian” side. Since in our society, it is the upmost evil to be someone who is “white,” you can be anything but a white person. So it is perfectly fine for white guys to act like wiggers or a protagonist in their favorite anime.

Asian girls seem to be the best surrogate for white guy that wants to be with an Asian. It’s makes the white guy feel truly accepted as a natural, authentic person.

It has also come to my attention that there are “chads” or jock types, that treat whitewashed Asian girls as complete sluts. These men are apart of the problem.

There is an ultimate contradiction with the whitewashed asian girl. The first point, she is trying her best to be like Britney Spears or Lena Dunham. Wouldn’t a bossy Asian girl, like Brittney Wang from Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, be judgmental and no different from a bimbo blonde cheerleader?

Not exactly.

“Asian feminism” has turned this on it’s head. When feminism is practiced by Asian girls, they go against the ASIAN “patriarchy” and wish to liberate themselves with a white man. You might call it “self-hate,” but it’s really not.

Asian feminism has improved the lives for some white men who feel disenchanted by the sexist view of feminism practiced by white girls.

White men who feel that they are “Asian” go with Asian women. Asian women in return, who practice this new feminism, admire this authentic man. So now you have an “asianized” husband and a “whitewashed” wife, which innately desire one another.

I would like to further point out the problem with white women today and why Asians are not getting enough with white men.

White girls have high expectation for a white man to do things. They will often mock, jeer, insult, or belittle “creepy” white guys who fail to please them. They do this in return to expect the white man do things for her. And then after all the facading and fake personality, the white girl shows her true love to him. Unfortunately, most white men today are authenticate at heart, and see through the lies and petty nature of the white attraction game. Rather than giving in to the commands of her demands, white men give up and call them “bitches” (and even join such movements like MGTOW).

Ironically, when an Asian girl approaches a white man, her behavior is different. She must accept the standards of the man, no matter what they are, because in Asian culture, the woman is always subservient and pleasing. White men fall for her behavior as a truly authentic woman to pursue. This is why most honest white men (not talking about the chads) go with Asian girls.

But the problem I would like to address, is that only in her innate nature does the Asian girl realize, that her boyfriend is not an Asian man. She quickly breaks up with him or keeps playing subveriant games to keep him in the “friend zone.” This is the reason why WMAF dating usually fails. The Asian girl tricks the white man with her natural subservient nature, and the white man is looking for a surrogate relationship away from white girl feminism. The white man will either go in denial (new-cusk) or realize that he is with an Asian partner. Realization has two consequences… either he breaks up with her… or he becomes an Asian-Aryan.

This is the alternative I would like to present to boycott bitches.

Most white men would be happier with Asian women as she gives them a new outlook in life they cannot discover in the western world. Figures like Percy Shelly and John Stuart Mill tried to create the white woman as “an intellectual equal” to man. Now the Alt-right is asking for a “white sharia law.”

How can the white man go on and deal with a significant other that acts like him, tries to pretend to be like him, sounds like him, looks like him, thinks like him, and expects him to be the same like her? This completely ignores the natural order of how men and women are different. A same-sex, equal relationship is boring, prude, and robotic. This where white western relationships is leading towards.

But Asian society still practices healthy traditions. Either we become decadent in this society and kill ourselves, or we “ride the tiger” and start reading boycott bitches daily.

The relationship between White Male / Asian Female needs to be improved. Already they are the leading demographic. The family is stable, the children are beautiful, and the culture is fantastic.

I argue for Asian-Arianism. A master group of people that has yet to realize their potential and fight against the decadence of the modern world. Normal and authenticate white men are finding themselves Asian women by the dozens. The same with Eurasian or Asian men taming trad white women or Eurasian women getting with white men. Asian-Arianism is bicultural and is answer to MGTOW.

Our problems can be solved if we talk about these racial issues. We have to be unapologetic that we have straight preferences. Like a vegan who doesn’t eat meat, or a homosexual who choses men, we as Asian-Aryans prefer to be with Asians and Asians that want to be with whites. We want to create a new identity that is white, Asian, Eurasian, all at the same time. That’s why I am an Asian-Aryan.

…Tell an Asian girl today you want to start a family and be a good husband. Tell her you love Asian culture and there is no other identity that has influenced you in your life. You love her eyes and her tender body. You mean it. You want to mix genes with her. White girls are not for you in this life.

The same has to be addressed with Asian girls. Asian girls have to be honest that they prefer to be with white men. A white lover is their only true passion in this life.

This love, this culture, this movement, is an alternative to everything else.