Why do feminists hate President Trump?

Why do feminist women hate President Trump? The reason is because Trump is an alpha male. He is an alpha male that has a super hot foreign woman wife who is like 30 years younger than him. That really pisses off American women because they know they would never have a shot with an alpha male like Trump. Rich, alpha males like Trump only have sex with hot women and most feminists are ugly women. The real reason feminists hate Trump and hate alpha males is because they know they are too unattractive to ever attract an alpha male’s attention and therefore feminists are simply bitter people. Sour grapes, as the old saying goes.

President Trump is going to fix America and he’ll probably fix the corrupt divorce system which allows women to rape men financially in divorce. You would have to be insane to get legally married to an American woman because of how anti-male the divorce laws are. There’s a 50% chance your wife will divorce you and in America 90% of divorces are initiated by women. So marrying an American woman is like gambling on 50/50 odds that you won’t lose half your shit, half your assets.

President Trump is a very intelligent man and two of his wives have been foreign, non-American women. So Trump knows that American women are inferior to foreign women and this also pisses off feminists and American women to no end.

The future is very bright now that we have a real man like Donald Trump as our President. God bless President Trump!